GMTP v2.3

Geometric Morphometrics Tools Package (GMTP) is a program for data conversion, size calculation, shape drawing and image cropping for outline data.

By: Siavash Taravati

This program has the following abilities:
1- Examples: Contains example data of a tpsDig curve data, EFA .out file and NTS aligned specimens.
2- Data Convertion:
   a. tps to PAST, EFA, Morpheus, CSV
   b. NTS(only aligned specimens) to CSV
   c. EFA(harmonics, .out) to PAST
   d. EFA(Reproduced Outline, .out) to PAST
3- Size Calculation
   a. Centroid Position
   b. Centroid Size
   c. Area: Automatically closes open curves for correct area calculation
   d. Perimeter: Asks user whether to calculate closed or open curve. If the curve is an open one, then the program adds the distance between first and last point to the total distance.
4- Crop by coordinates: Crops the original image by shape coordinates
5- Visualizer: Draws shapes of a tps file. It has many options for drawing outline, centroid, radial lines, Maximum line, etc.
6- Manual superimpose: Superimposes the first two shapes of input data and gives the user the ability to resize, translate and rotate the front shape in reference to its reference shape.
7- Geometric algorithms: Draws creative geometric shapes according to the input data.


GMTP v.2.3
GMTP v.2 Manual

Screen Shots:   ScreenShot1  ScreenShot2  ScreenShot3  ScreenShot4  ScreenShot5  ScreenShot6 
The below pictures show the pronotum of Erodiontes aelleni (Kaszab, 1968). Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae